Wilsbach Distributors

Location: Harrisburg, PA

In 1933, Frank Wilsbach started the business in a small uptown Harrisburg garage.  Ballantine, in 1933 and Anheuser-Busch Inc. in 1934 were our first two suppliers. Realizing the need for more space, Wilsbach built a warehouse on 7th Street in Harrisburg.  In 1959, Frank Wilsbach died and his wife Bea became owner, she appointed Harold Sourbeer, President and Bob Paul, Vice-President.

The Sourbeer Family purchased the business in 1988 and continues to run the business today.  In 1999, Wilsbach built their current location – an 80,000 sq ft facility in Harrisburg off I-83 in Susquehanna Township. Their portfolio has grown and they are currently partners with 36 suppliers and represent the finest beers from around the World.